The farm

ERROAK lodging
The Blonde of Aquitaine breed originates from the south west of France embracing the area of the Garonne valley and the Pyrenees mountains. As their name indicates, they come from the Aquitaine district in France.


vineyards of IrouléguyThe vineyard of Irouleguy spreads its stagings of wine in terraces which wait for the maturity of their grapes and offer to the “amateurs” a real awakening of papilles.

The farm is 100 meters downwards, entirely separated from the lodging.
The buildings are built in a neat style and the respect of the sytle of the Country (roof covered with red tiles and white walls). The two main activities of the farm are based on 6 hectares of vineyard of lrouleguy and the breeding of 25 cows “Blonde of Aquitaine”.

Some pictures outside of the Erroak lodgin or visit lodging as if you were there!